Mr Michael Everson
Mr Michael
Title:PhD student
Location:Jennison GF.04
Phone:01227 823288


32 Year old, mature student retuned to education after 7 years of full time work.

Current Research

Polygon mirror based, Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography – Addressing the potential limits of using polygon mirrors to produce swept sources for OCT including reducing/removing vignetting, increasing bandwidth and SNR while minimising beam width and instantaneous line width. This project is being carried out and compared experimentally, theoretically and via simulation using ZemaxTM ray tracing software.


Education & Achievements

1st Class Degree in Physics, BSc with Honors.

Attended and gave a talk at TIMI 2016 conference in Timisoara, Romania.

Attended the International School of Light in Science & Technology (ISLiST 2016), achieving an honorary Diploma.


Recent Publications

TIMI-16 Conference Proceedings Paper in American Institute of Physics (AIP) – Geometric & Radiometric Vignetting associated with a 72-facet, Off-axis Polygon Mirror for SS-OCT.